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Sources for Eagle Projects

There are many entities that are good sources for understanding current community needs. Eagle Leadership Service Projects are best developed by young men who understand local community needs.

The organizations that we serve are often the best sources for Eagle project ideas.

Every Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project is approved on a case by case basis by your local district advancement committee. Project ideas should be generated by the young man in response to a community need. The project ideas are evaluated and approved based primarily on the leadership, planning, development, and impact of the project in response to a specified need.

Organizations to Contact about Projects

  • Local City Offices
    • Parks and Recreation Department
    • Contact the city museums
  • The Community
    • Contact the local Women and Children's Shelter
    • Contact the local Handicap Schools
    • Food and Care Coalition
    • Contact the Elderly organizations
  • The State Government
    • Contact the State wildlife officials
    • Contact the Utah State Hospital
    • Contact the American Indian Services
    • Contact State Parks and Recreation Departments
    • Contact State museums
    • Contact the Children's Behavioral Therapy Unit
  • The National Government
    • Contact the Endowment for the Arts
    • Contact the U.S. Forest Service
    • Contact the Bureau of Land Management
  • The School
    • Contact the American Fork Training School
    • Contact the local Elementary, Junior Highs, High Schools, or Community Colleges
  • Local Churches

Local Eagle Project Contacts/Ideas

  1. Food & Care Coalition    www.foodandcare.org   299 E 900 S, Provo 801-373-1825 (not just a collection)

  2. Adopt-a-Native Elder Program   Linda Myers (435)649-0535 Park City (school supplies and other materials for kids)

  3. Utah Bolivian Partners contact: Susy Lisi 319-6930, 2673 W 820 N, Provo

  4. United Way @   www.unitedwayuc.org  

  5. Making headstones for unmarked grave sites for cemeteries

  6. Kid's on the Move    contact: Kathy Leedom   801-221-9930 ext 100

  7. Women & Children in Crisis Center 801-377-5500

  8. Utah School for the Blind 801-323-4345

  9. Primary Children’s Medical Center contact: Marie Hendrickson 801-662-5968

  10. American Indian Services 801-375-1777

  11. Utah State Developmental Center, Am. Fork contact: Sherilyn Kent 801-763-4008

  12. Family Support & Treatment Center 801-229-1181

  13. United States Forest Service (PG Ranger Dist)

  14. House of Hope 801-373-6562    (Kelly McDonald ext.309)

  15. Wasatch Mental Health 801-373-4765

  16. Provo Downtown Alliance   801-377-5700    ask for Raquel   art@downtownprovo.org

  17. Simple Earth Art Center     26 W 100 N, American Fork, UT; contact: Kristina Narvarez  801-492-3933

  18. International Aid Serving Kids (IASK)   Marc-Aurel Martial, Director of Operations 801-830-3043

  19. Intermountain Donor Services  801-521-1755 or 1-800-833-6667

  20. Casa De Sion Orphanage, Guatemala         Contact:  Ryan McCoy 801-446-6663

  21. National Kidney Foundation  (check phone book)

  22. Utah Quilt Guild   -Jill Cox 801-368-1662

  23. Project Linus (Utah Chapter)- Peggy 801-785-1767

  24. Tifie Foundation, contact: Robert Workman 801-714-6413

  25. Utah Pony of the Americas Club   contact: Jo Jo Lindstrom 801-361-5992

  26. Eliza’swish.org  for books for doctor’s offices (with bookcases) or see Eliza’s Library at AFRotary.org

  27. Utah Foster and Adoptive Families Association  contact Cayce Thill at 801-426-4880 or thilltribe@gmail.com

  28. Wild Wonders Animal Refuge and Educational Center, Genola,UT Sarah Jacobsen 801-754-1023

  29. Canary Garden—contact Lee Hansen or Julie at 801-636-3602  or info@canarygarden.org; see www.canarygarden.org or email: Lee_hansen@byu.edu

  30. Care-o-van Non-profit, contact Chris Miller 801-995-5311 or csmiller100@gmail.com

  31. RAH (Recreation and Habilitation Services) contact Cathy Flinton, 801-225-8615 or ceflinton@comcast.net

  32. Lifting Hearts Breast Cancer Support Group - Pres Kara Herron, Contact Program Director Colette Harris 801-376-7377  www.wedidbreastcancer.com  blog at www.liftingheart.blogspot.com  needs: fleece blankets, pillows & rice warming bags

  33. The American Legion Operation Comfort Warriors (OCW), contact Randy Edwards 801-224-6168 or edwards.randy60@gmail.com

  34. Tabitha's Way, contact Wendy Osborn 801-830-3951 or wendy@tabithasway.org 

“Service projects” & “Work Forces” are NOT Eagle projects.  Just showing up with people to do the work is a “work force” (when someone else is telling everyone what to do).  Routine labor and/ or maintenance are service projects.  “Just a collection” is not an Eagle Project.



If you have a question as to the type of Eagle service project you would like to do, it is best to get it answered before you go to the effort of planning and submitting it for approval. This is part of proper planning!